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It’s Official: Boy Bands Are 100% Ba-Ack!


It’s Official: Boy Bands Are 100% Ba-Ack!

See 5 groups we’re obsessing over


From *N Sync to 1D, we totally stan for boy bands. And now, we’re ushering in the next wave of boy bands and couldn’t be more excited to see them take over!

Here are five of our absolute fave groups on the rise:

1. Forever In Your Mind: Ricky, Liam & Emery have been crushing it for years, but lately, the trio’s been showcasing an edgier sound and side of themselves and WE! ARE! OBSESSED!

Plus, they’re basically the most popular boy band around. Everyone loves them! We would love to see them tour with their new friends, In Real Life:

2. If you didn’t watch “Boy Band” this summer, you’ve gotta catch up on hulu or and you’ll understand why we’re so obsessed with Brady, Sergio, Chance, Michael & Drew! Their debut single is a BOP:

3. We’re also big fans of PRETTYMUCH. Austin, Brandon, Edwin, Nick, & Zion were hand-picked from all over North America and no, we wouldn’t mind watching their acapella version of “Would You Mind” over and over:

4. Citizen Four’s got a new member, Mikey Fusco, and new music on the way. We got a sneak peek and still can’t get the songs out of our head!

5. And after witnessing Why Don’t We’s sold-out concert in Hollywood, we know that Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Avery, & Zach are destined for superstardom:

Who’s your favorite boy band? Tweet us @ysbnow! And watch some of our exclusives with the guys below!

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