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Jace Norman Says Having Dyslexia Inspires Him To Do Things His Own Way


Jace Norman Says Having Dyslexia Inspires Him To Do Things His Own Way

The “Henry Danger” star didn’t let middle school bullying stop him from following his dreams.

It’s hard to believe that a star like Jace Norman would have ever had difficulty fitting in at school. But the “Henry Danger” actor shared that everything that made him different from his classmates made his middle school days extra challenging.

“I had dyslexia and I was an actor. I got bad grades. Everyone was telling me I wasn’t going to be successful,” he shared on the TODAY show. “It was hard to shut that noise out. I felt hopeless. Hearing all those voices, you start to listen to them. I wanted to showcase that there’s another path.”

It was through the help and understanding of his family members that Jace was able to find that unique path – the one that eventually led him to his own Nickelodeon shows, movies, and beyond.

“My dad had dyslexia so he found his own path as well and that inspired me to keep going,” he shared, explaining that his own dyslexia actually inspired him to try different roads to his goals.

Unfortunately, Jace has discovered that his success has also brought out PLENTY of the fake friends. He says that the exact people who once made fun of him now “hit me back now on Instagram and stuff.”

Jace isn’t stressing about that, though. Instead, he wants to speak out and encourage his fans to follow their own visions, even if it’s not something your friends can understand. 

“It paid off for me. The voice you hear inside is the right voice. Believe, deep down, that that is the right path for you,” he shared.

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