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Jenny March Reveals Inspiration Behind Her New EP “Madness”


Jenny March Reveals Inspiration Behind Her New EP “Madness”

Jenny March released her new EP “Madness” this week and YSBnow has an exclusive Q&A with the singer.

The six songs featured on the EP showcase Jenny’s impressive vocal range and perfect-for-pop voice, but the best part about “Madness” is that it’s the refreshing sound we’ve been looking for in 2021.

Jenny’s unique sound belongs on your next party playlist and is unlike anything else we’re hearing on the radio right now. The second to last track “95′” is a sexy pop anthem while “boys think we’re crazy” is the slowed down, girl power song that lets fans into Jenny’s personal world a little more.

YSBnow caught up with Jenny to chat about the EP and what’s next for her.

1. Tell us about the inspiration for this new EP.

My EP Madness is inspired by things I have gone through in the past few years personally. It’s a catalog of songs that describe my personality. I talk about love and certain relationships that have affected me, as well as how I felt throughout quarantine since this EP was created during quarantine.

2. What does the word “Madness” mean to you?

Madness to me means badass. Madness can also mean the good and the bad that goes on inside your brain that makes you who you are.

3. How is this EP similar or different to your previous work?

I’ve grown so much since releasing my first single in 2018 so my music style has matured. Everything I’ve released was still true to me at that moment, but as I’m learning new things and as I go through different experiences, my music is going to change too.

Photo Credit: Naserin Bogado

4. Is there one song on the EP that you’re most excited for fans to hear?

I’m really excited for everyone to hear “boys think we’re crazy” because it’s been hard for me to talk to anyone about what I talk about in it and it just felt right to put this on my EP. It’s the most vulnerable song on the project. I’m actually more excited than nervous to put it out because I really do think people will relate to it.

5. Any plans for live shows coming up when it’s possible?

That is on the top of my list. I have missed performing so much!! I think we’re getting there. We obviously want to be as safe as possible, but I am itching to get on that stage and perform this new music.

6. Who is your dream artist collaboration?

It would have to be my girl Rihanna. She’s so unapologetically her and I love it.

Listen to “MADNESS” here:

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