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Kendall Schmidt Is Catching Up with “Big Time Rush”


Kendall Schmidt Is Catching Up with “Big Time Rush”


If you’re a fan of “Big Time Rush,” there are probably a million reasons why you’re a fan of the Nickelodeon show, the band, and the guys who made it all happen. But one very specific thing we’re thankful Kendall Schmidt is doing right now is reuniting some of his bandmates and co-stars!

Just last week, Kendall invited James Maslow to his “Koffee with Kendall” live morning show for Facebook.

“‘Kames.’Sorry to keep the nickname going, but that caption is just too good,” Kendall posted on Instagram with the guys’ reunion pic. “For real, so much fun having @jamesmaslow on @koffeewithkendall today. Seems like just yesterday we were traveling the world together. So happy to still be close after all this time! If you want to watch the live stream we did, check out my Facebook page!”

Are they more precious than ever, or what?!

Then today, Kendall brought another favorite to talk with him on his show, and this one will have Jendall shippers swooning!

“‘Jendall.’ @katelyntarver you are a true gem. So funny and talented! Thanks for coming by to catch up on @koffeewithkendall,” Kendall posted.

What a beautiful reunion photo! Keep ’em coming, Kendall – we’re loving the latest “Koffee with Kendall” segments!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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