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Kesha Gets Real About the Early Days of Her Career


Kesha Gets Real About the Early Days of Her Career

“I am fun but I’m a lot of other things”

By: Emily J

We all remember ‘TiK ToK’. The catchy chorus, the poppy beat, what’s not to love? Apparently, a lot.


Kesha hasn’t particularly been out of the spotlight since she decided to slam her former producer, Dr. Luke, with a huge lawsuit that sparked national and global attention. Fans of the singer have shown their support with #FreeKesha, encouraging the record label, Sony to sever the relationship between the singer and Dr. Luke despite contract binds. Apparently, Kesha has new music that she has been dying to share but since she is still under Dr. Luke’s brand, she can’t.


In a recent interview with New York Times Magazine, Kesha reveals how much power Dr. Luke had over her, even in the early stages of her career. For her debut album, Animal, Kesha said that the music execs had so much fun taking advantage of the fun side of her personality. “I was like, I am fun, but I’m a lot of other things,” she said. However, Dr. Luke had other ideas and told her fun was all she was ever going to be.


When it came to making the smash hit that we all came to adore, Kesha said there was already a set plan for the tone of her record and she had no say. “I remember specifically him saying: ‘Make it more dumb. Make it more stupid. Make it more simple, just dumb,” she continued. She then jokingly suggested the lyrics “Boys try to touch my junk. Going to get crunk. Everybody getting drunk.” After hearing this, Dr. Luke apparently went ‘perfect.’


Since Animal, every song that Kesha has released has not been a reflection of her true self. “To this day, I’ve never released a single that’s a true ballad, and I feel like those are the songs that balance out the perception of you, because you can be a fun girl. You can go and have a crazy night out, but you also, as a human being, have vulnerable emotions. You have love.”


According to her legal team, Kesha wants nothing more than to ‘get back to work.’ Apparently, she has submitted over 28 songs to Sony but cannot release any of them without Dr. Luke’s name. She has not released any new music since her album, Warrior, in 2012.


After the New York TImes Magazine interview was released, Kesha thanked the magazine on Instagram for “shedding light on my life and legal situation.” She then wrote: “There’s nothing harder than dreaming and working and fighting for something your whole entire life, since you were 3 years old, since you could speak, and you FINALLY achieve it. And then have someone else take it away from you. My heart has a giant hole in it and is literally aching and throbbing from sadness and loss.”


There are little things that can actually be done to help Kesha. But by believing in her story and supporting female producers, tragic tales like these can end. Show support for Kesha and Tweet @KeshaRose to show you stand with her or follow her Instagram here.

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