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Lady Gaga Surprised These Homeless LGBTQ Teens on Black Friday


Lady Gaga Surprised These Homeless LGBTQ Teens on Black Friday

This gives a new, beautiful meaning to “born this way.”

For most people, Black Friday is a time for rushed shopping, frenzied deals, and Thanksgiving food-hangovers. Then again, we should have known that Lady Gaga isn’t most people.

The singer instead decided to surprise youth at the Ali Forney Center in Brooklyn, the nation’s largest advocacy group dedicated to homeless LGBTQ kids, many of whom have been shunned and rejected by their families.

Lady Gaga is perhaps one of the best people who could have made an appearance, as she has been an advocate for the queer community for some time now.

She led the clients there in a meditation session before performing an acoustic version of her single “Million Reasons.”

“I’m here because I want to be here,” she told the crowd. “I want this to affect other people around the world, and to remind them that when they are kind, it not only makes the other person feel good, it makes me feel good too.”

Ali Forney founder Carl Saciliano agreed that it was “beyond wonderful” to see the joy that Lady Gaga’s visit brought the kids who live there.

Homelessness is a heartbreaking issue that afflicts our world, made all the more painful when these kids are rejected or pushed out of their homes for trying to embrace who they are. We thank Lady Gaga for raising awareness. If you don’t have any money to donate this holiday season, consider donating your time.

Consider donating here: Ali Forney Center





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