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Lana Condor Announces the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Sequel with a Fun Video


Lana Condor Announces the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Sequel with a Fun Video

You guys, it’s officially official!

Lana Condor has just announced Netflix’s big “secret” — a sequel for “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is officially happening! The actress took to Instagram to share a fun video announcement (with a special guest appearance from her co-star Noah Centineo) teasing what’s ahead for the fan-beloved cast of characters.

Netflix even shared a Lara Jean Covey-style letter of their own to update fans on what’s going on.

Now that it’s Netflix-official, we’ll just have to keep those fan accounts running until we learn about the premiere date!

Fans of the book series and the first film, by Awesomeness, will know that there’s so many directions that a second movie could go in. And all of the actors and everyone involved in the first film agree!

“There’s so many things in the second book that I would love to see in a sequel,” says author Jenny Han.

Lana gave us all a look at what’s ahead in her “It’s officially official” announcement video:

She’s sneakily giving away a huge plot point for the sequel there! But what does she think is next for the #Covinsky ship?

“I’m a huge fan of Lara Jean and Peter — and I say protect them at all costs!” she has said. “I want them to be together forever, so my reaction will be very genuine. Because if they break up, I’m going to be very upset.”

There’s no denying that Noah Centineo made a splash with his charming role of Peter Kavinsky – and we are SO ready for round 2 in the sequel. But in an interview with Metro, he said he’d like to see another side of Peter.

“Maybe Peter can fall from the pedestal? Maybe he can change into not-so-good of a guy?” he suggests. “Maybe we can show the dimensions to different people. How we can be heroes in one moment and villains in another?”

Like her cast mates, Janel Parrish is also “so on board” with bringing back her character Margot in the sequel movie.

She told us all about how important the Asian-American led cast is for representation – and it would be amazing to see that continue.

Anna Cathcart stole the show as Kitty Covey, and we hope to see her shine even more in the sequel. “I wanna start like, tomorrow,” she laughs. Watch the rest below!

What would YOU love to see happen in the sequel? Make sure to send us your thoughts @ysbnow!

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