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Laurie Hernandez Expresses Herself Through Beautiful Art


Laurie Hernandez Expresses Herself Through Beautiful Art

The Olympic gymnast is inspiring others with her creativity!

You likely know Laurie Hernandez best as a gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast and fierce competitor on “Dancing with the Stars.” But did you know that she is also a talented artist? That’s right: painting and photography are among the other creative ways that Laurie loves expressing herself, and she’s actively inspiring others with her talent.

Laurie took to her social media to share that she has been passionate about creating art since she was very young, and uses every chance she can to foster that love for the craft.

“Embrace the child within you,” Laurie tweeted along with some of her latest creations.

Laurie also revealed that some of her latest paintings are inspired by song lyrics. (This one’s “Satellite” by JP Cooper.)

The athlete also shared some of her beautiful photography, proving her talents are really multi-media.

Not only is Laurie inspiring her fans with her work, but even some of our fave celebs were impressed! Jenna Ortega complimented Laurie on her paintings.

We love seeing these two support one another! Do you love to paint and draw like Laurie? Make sure to tag us in your photos on social using @ysbnow!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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