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Let’s Talk Sports Tuesday: Samantha Gordon


Let’s Talk Sports Tuesday: Samantha Gordon

Sam shows us that football isn’t just for boys!

13-year-old Samantha Gordon is an amazing football player. Yes…football!!! A few years back Sam “Sweet Feet” Gordon became an overnight YouTube star through one football highlight video that happened to go viral. 

At first when Sam got started playing football all the boys would question her ability. But as soon as she laced up her cleats and stepped onto the field the curiosity would soon dwindle.

“When I first got started it was just more of the boys being like there’s a girl trying out seriously?” Sam said. “And then after we did the little drill there they would be like what how did that happen?!”

Through Sam’s unbelievable athletic skills and “girl power” outlook, she proves that football isn’t just a sport for boys. No matter if you are a boy or girl, anyone can pursue their dreams with a lot of passion and a whole lot of hard work.

“It was really cool to just be able to prove that girls and boys really aren’t that different,” Sam said.

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