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Lonnie Chavis Stands Up Against Bullies


Lonnie Chavis Stands Up Against Bullies

The “This Is Us” star isn’t letting cyberbullies get away with being mean about his tooth gap.

“This Is Us” actor Lonnie Chavis is an absolute sweetheart, which is why it truly breaks our heart to learn that he has been facing online bullying about his appearance. Apparently, cyberbullies have been attacking the 10-year-old star on social media to criticize him for, of all things, the gap in his teeth.

This week, Lonnie showed his true class by sharing an Instagram message that shared why it’s never okay to pick on someone about the way they look.

“PSA! Yes I have a gap in my teeth, that braces can fix when all my baby teeth fall out. I’m gonna keep on smiling though ?? ?? STOP TROLLING ?? STOP BULLYING! Fix your heart! To all those being bullied or being trolled YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE AWESOME, and YOU MATTER! ?? #FixYourHeart,” Lonnie posted as a caption for his clip.

“I can get the gap fixed, like braces can fix this, but like can you fix your heart, though?” he then said in an Instagram video, addressing the “trolls” in his comments.

“I mean, there are kids out here killing themselves just because of y’all hating and trolling and doing just crazy stuff,” he added. “I mean, it’s stupid. I mean, is it fun? No. It hurts people. People kill themselves and you’re the one who’s making them do it. Fix your heart though, for real.”

Lonnie ended his message saying that while he personally may be fine speaking up against the haters, there are a lot of young people out there who would be very hurt by these mean words. So he shared a special message for anyone experiencing bullying words themselves.

“I’m happy that I can handle this. I’m not tripping,” he  said. “But there are kids out here like, if y’all kids are watching this, don’t trip. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Do you. Be you. Believe in yourself.”

Whether or not Lonnie decides to get braces isn’t the point, because it would be a personal choice he’d make when he’s old enough. His gap is actually adorable, and it’s one of his stand-out features, that doesn’t need “correcting” or criticism from strangers on the internet!

You can check out Lonnie’s full message below:

We’re proud of him for using his voice and speaking up on behalf of others who may not have the same platform.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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