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Lucy Hale Opens Up About Unrealistic Beauty on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Lucy Hale Opens Up About Unrealistic Beauty on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

“It’s important for girls to realize…”

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale always looks great whether she’s dressed up in hair and makeup for the show, running errands in sweatpants, or hitting the red carpet. But what fans can often forget is that there is so much pressure to look perfect and it’s unrealistic and unhealthy for fans to compare their own looks to the girls on the show. PLL is definitely a plot heavy show, but Lucy thinks most of its’ viewers come for the fashion.

“The show is called Pretty Little Liars for a reason. It’s a beauty show-people come for the fashion, they want to see what we look like, and it’s not always realistic,” Lucy explains. They sit in hair and makeup and have teams of people working on their appearance before they even start to think about getting in front of the camera.

“Everything is about the physical appearance and that can be unhealthy. We all obsess about how we look, it’s human nature, but it’s sort of toxic if you’re not careful. It’s important for young girls to realize things like we have fake eyelashes on, some of us have extensions, we have good lighting. It’s the same thing as Photoshop, we are normal girls, we have zits, and it’s important that girls know that.”


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