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Madison Beer Shares How She Manages Her Anxiety


Madison Beer Shares How She Manages Her Anxiety

Not only is she sharing with fans, but she’s getting them involved.

If you’ve ever dealt with anxiety or panic attacks, you know just how challenging it can be to turn your mind off for just a second and focus on literally anything else. While everyone goes through their own stresses and anxiety management differently, singer Madison Beer has taken to social media to share some stories about what activities have been helpful for her personally.

Madison shared that when she is feeling uneasy, she starts braiding string bracelets. She says it has a really calming effect on her.

When fans responded that they loved the idea, Madison added that she wanted to make some for her followers.

She even asked for fans to send her their mailing addresses so she can ship out her creations.

This is such a great idea to channel negative energy into an activity she enjoys, while also making fans super happy.

In addition to making bracelets, Madison also tweeted that for some reason, chewing on ice cubes calms her down.

Like Madison said, if you’re dealing with anxiety, it’s important to find the release that works for you. For example, while some people might find comfort in being online, Madison says her phone is stressful.

It’s so cool Madison is talking to her fans about the ways she’s learned to calm her anxiety, and getting everyone in on her favorite creative outlet!

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