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Max Pens a Moving Tribute to a Fallen Soldier & All Military Members


Max Pens a Moving Tribute to a Fallen Soldier & All Military Members

“Hundreds of people were crying, holding their hearts, & feeling like one beautiful community”

As the Fourth of July approaches, many Americans take time to reflect on the importance of the country’s independence and celebrate the things that make the United States great. Max Schneider wants to remind people that we have the members of our military to thank for protecting those freedoms, and to illustrate his sentiment, he created a text post to detail a touching moment he experienced.

The singer took to his Instagram to share a 3-part text post of his story after witnessing an airport full of strangers join together to pay tribute to a fallen soldier who was being returned home to his grieving family.

“Hundreds of people, most of whom I’m sure had no relation to this man were crying, holding their hearts, saying their prayers, feeling like one beautiful community paying their respects,” Max wrote about the “surreal” scene, sharing that he was touched by others’ acts of respect.

“I just wanted to write this message to say thank you to all that serve,” Max shared. “Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your bravery to defend the freedoms we should all never take for granted. You are all heroes.”

Max also wants military members to know that they are welcome at his concerts at any time, and extended the invite for future shows.

“If you are part of the military and would ever like to attend one of our shows please send me a message and we would love to have you as our guests and accommodate you anytime we can,” Max concluded. “It would be an honor.”

Story by Kristine Hope Kowalski, Photo via Instagram by Andre Nguyen

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