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#MCM: Zac Efron Is Everybody’s Biggest Fan!


#MCM: Zac Efron Is Everybody’s Biggest Fan!

He is the ultimate fanboy!

For the past decade, Zac Efron has stolen all of our hearts! Not only is he a total sweetheart, but he is also a triple threat! But while we have been fangirling over the actor, he has been fanboying over some of his fave stars too! 

From Simone Biles to Chance the Rapper, you have to see all his social media posts that prove he is everyone’s #1 fan! 


After the Olympic gymnast admitted in an interview with Ellen that her celeb crush was Zac, he made sure to show her some love!

Simone may have been a huge fan of Zac’s for a long time, but he definitely became her biggest fan super quick!

He constantly made sure to tweet how proud he was of her and the Fab 5’s Olympic success!

If you thought all his tweets were amazing, he even flew down to Rio to meet the gymnast in person!! GOALS!!!!!!!

Even though he wasn’t able to see the closing ceremony in person, he cheered her on from afar, which is just as great to us!

He even made sure to shout her out on her birthday! Gosh, we are so jealous!


Zac has publicly showcased his love for the “Stranger Things” cast many times, even posting photos of him watching the show!

When he saw a bathtub, he had to quote Millie’s famous line from the show! He even hashtagged #beanELEVEN, in reference to Millie’s character!

And the best of all, he wore an “Eleven” shirt on Millie’s birthday!


Zac also makes sure to show his fave guys some love too! In fact, he is such a big fan of Chance the Rapper!

Before the Grammy awards began, Zac made sure to tweet his good luck for Chance with a Chance style photo of himself!

After Chance won “Best New Artist,” he couldn’t help but fanboy over the rapper’s accomplishments!


When Dwayne was named The Sexiest Man Alive, Zac made sure to let everyone know that Dwayne’s personality was what truly made him special!

We are definitely guilty of posing with posters of our fave stars, and Zac is too!

After reading all his tweets, we definitely want Zac to be our #1 fan!

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