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Meet 10 Celebs Who Love Starbucks As Much As You Do


Meet 10 Celebs Who Love Starbucks As Much As You Do

From Lilimar to Jordyn Jones, these babes love this beverage stop!

We’ve been celebrating Frappucino Happy Hour like nobody’s business this week, which reminded us that just like you, celebs love Starbucks too!

Whether they’re sipping on a frap like Lilimar or enjoying a green tea lemonade like Demi Lovato, Starbucks has everything that your fave celebs want and way more!

Check out these 10 celebs who can’t get enough of it and then take our quiz to see if you can match the celeb to their Starbucks drink order HERE.

1. Lilimar AKA the Starbucks QUEEN:

2. Tanya Burr loves her coffee too!

3. Jordyn Jones revealed that she gets her pink drink fix on the daily:

4. Wonder if Camila Cabello has hit Starbucks gold status?!

5. Dove Cameron loves her venti iced coffees on the go!

6. Just send us your address, Demi!

7. Abigail Breslin is probably missing those pumpkin spice lattes right now…only a few more months ’til they’re back!

8. And her former “Scream Queens” co-star, Emma Roberts, loves Starbucks, too:

9. Louis Tomlinson loves heading in One Direction – straight to Starbucks!

10. Normani, we completely agree!

What’s your go-to order at Starbucks? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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