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#MondayMotivation: 10 Celebs Who Are Healthy Eaters


#MondayMotivation: 10 Celebs Who Are Healthy Eaters

Laura, Riker, Dove, and more want YOU to be happy and healthy in 2017.


Eating healthy is about way more than just looking good. Sure, if you eat well, your skin will glow and your hair will shine, but healthy eating is also about FEELING good. Whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan, you’ll appreciate these celebs that are inspiring us to eat healthy for the way that we FEEL and not for the way that our bodies look. 


Get inspired: 

Daniella Monet is the QUEEN of health. She’s vegan, but she’s always eating food we’re totally jealous of – and she makes it herself! Here’s her video for fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce:

Dove Cameron might be obsessed with coffee, but she also loves her green juice and that means she’s getting all of her necessary fruits and veggies! Go, Dove!

Victoria Justice actually covered Health Magazine where she told the mag that she takes fish oil and vitamins every day and that her favorite meal is sushi!

Jess Marie Garcia loves the taste of a nutritious salad so much that she can’t even tell it’s healthy LOL! Hey Jess, where was that salad from?!

Kira Kosarin munched on a healthy salad during her lunch break during a photo shoot!

Jake Miller also knows that healthy is the way to go.

Jojo loves her acai bowls!

Riker Lynch is always looking for healthy snacks and recipes – here’s his latest obsession!

Laura Marano wants you to step up your veggie game!

Ariana Grande makes a mean vegan Italian sauce! See her recipe:

What’s your favorite healthy meal? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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