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#MondayMotivation: Here’s Why We Can’t Wait For “Swim Team”


#MondayMotivation: Here’s Why We Can’t Wait For “Swim Team”

The award-winning documentary premieres in NYC this week

While different people have different needs, everyone should be able to have the same opportunities to play sports and take part in other extracurricular activities. But for kids and teens with autism, it can often be difficult to find programs that they can enjoy, because they have special needs which cause them to interact and communicate differently. 

Like most parents of kids with autism, Mike and Maria McQuay experienced this problem firsthand and decided to do something about it. They started a swim team called the Jersey Hammerheads, which is comprised of 13 teens with autism. Cameras followed their journey and the result is Swim Team, a new documentary that we cannot wait to see. 

Watch the trailer below – and this week, remember one of the best movie quotes ever, from The Pursuit of Happyness:

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something…You got a dream, you gotta protect it. If you want something, get it. Period.” 

“Swim Team” his theaters in New York City today, and will premiere on PBS in October.

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