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Monsta X Release “One Day” Music Video – Watch Now!


Monsta X Release “One Day” Music Video – Watch Now!

Monsta X just dropped the music video for their new song “One Day” and it was totally worth the wait.

The brand new single is more than just a hit song, it’s an emotional track about losing someone and feeling stuck in those emotions. The guys are excited for fans to hear the new song and rapper Joohoney adds, “Dear MONBEBEs, we are finally releasing a new English single after our first English album ALL ABOUT LUV. I’m truly happy and fully prepared to show different charms that we possess. Let’s always be together, cherishing each other and give “One Day” lots of love!”

After releasing their first all English album ALL ABOUT LUV in 2019, fans have been highly anticipating the band’s next English release. Singer Kihyun says “it’s been a really long time since we’ve released an English song. To get this song out, we’ve had a lot of support and help from many others. I’d like to give my sincere thanks. Due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to see our international MONBEBEs, nevertheless they’ve always been the light and energy for us. A special thanks to our MONBEBEs, we were able to come all the way here. Please give “One Day” lots of love and look forward to our new songs that will come out in the near future!”

Watch the music video for “One Day” now:


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