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#MusicMonday: Meet “Sugarcoat” Singer Malavika


#MusicMonday: Meet “Sugarcoat” Singer Malavika

As a little girl growing up in South India, Malavika was constantly surrounded by music. By the age of three, she was entertaining guests during family gatherings and performing at local talent shows. Eventually, her family relocated to Dubai, where Malavika’s passion for music only intensified.

Days after her high school graduation, Malavika packed her bags and moved nearly 7,000 miles away to attend the venerated Berklee College of Music in Boston, whose alumnae includes St Vincent and Charlie Puth. Last month, Malavika dropped her promising debut single, “Sugarcoat.” In this exclusive interview, Malavika opens up about her journey and shares what’s in store for 2021.

Q: Hi Malavika! Tell us about what you were like growing up and how you discovered your passion for music.

A: I grew up in India for most of my life and then lived in Dubai for a few years. There was always great music at my home, from Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, to Queen and Kanye West. As a child, I was obsessed with music, dance, and the arts as a whole. I loved performing!

Q: When did your passion evolve into a professional career?

A: It was right around the time I finished high school. I went to music school right after to pursue my passion and to continue to grow as a musician and artist. It was a beautiful thing to be surrounded by musicians from all over the world who wanted this more than anything else. It just felt right. There is no way I could see myself doing anything else either!

Q: Congrats on the success of “Sugarcoat.” What do you want listeners to feel and take away from the song?

A: Thank you so much! I hope it inspires listeners to unapologetically speak their truth and I hope it makes them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Q: Love that! Will you be releasing more music in the new year? 

A: Yes, absolutely! I have a lot of music I’m sitting on right now and I can’t wait to share it. There will be more videos as well. Also, I hope live shows are coming back for real because that is what I look forward to doing the most!

Q: Finally, YSBnow stands for “You’re So Beautiful Now.” What advice would you want to share in that regard?

A: The advice I have is that you have to trust yourself. It is easy to hear the voices of others and get caught up in that. And it’s often too difficult to hear your own in the midst of that noise. But you have to stand by what you believe in and what you want to do.

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