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MUST-WATCH: 7 Celebs Who Documented Their Oral Surgery!


MUST-WATCH: 7 Celebs Who Documented Their Oral Surgery!

From Justin Bieber to the Dolan Twins, these vids are pretty hilarious

If you’re into viral vids and/or a fan of The Ellen Show, you’ve definitely seen people getting hilariously loopy after having their wisdom teeth removed. But have you ever seen your favorite stars’ reactions? In honor of #WhackyWednesday, we’ve rounded up some of our faves below!

1. Justin Bieber got silly before his surgery! Check out this Snapchat vid:

2. Collins Key wasn’t able to remove his with magic, so into the dentist chair he went:

3. Jen McAllister aka jennxpenn got her wisdom teeth out in 2015:

4. Austin Mahone filmed the experience prior to going under:

5. Ariana Grande had a “Problem” at first, but then it was time to LOL!

6. Grayson Dolan got his wisdom teeth removed in March of 2016:

7. And Ethan had his out a few months later!

Did we leave anyone off? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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