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MUST-WATCH: See Why Don’t We’s Earliest Performance Vids!


MUST-WATCH: See Why Don’t We’s Earliest Performance Vids!

Before they were a boy band, these guys honed their skills as solo artists


While Why Don’t We’s rise to fame has seemed catastrophic, Zach, Jonah, Corbyn, Jack, and Daniel worked tirelessly to hone their skills as singers and performers for many years prior to joining the group. Let’s take a look at some of their earliest vids!

1. Jack was just twelve years old when he recorded this performance:

And years of training and hard work got him noticed by Why Don’t We’s management:

2. Corbyn posted this cover vid in February of 2014:

And he covered Troye Sivan’s “Wild” just two months before Why Don’t We was announced:

3. Jonah Marais is definitely the road warrior of the group, completing countless national tours, which undoubtedly shaped his performing abilities.

4. Daniel Seavey may have finished 9th on “American Idol,” but he was the champ in our hearts!

After the show ended, he started uploading his own covers to YouTube, amassing a loyal fandom that flocked to Why Don’t We:

5. Finally, this five-year-old video of Zach Herron performing at his school talent show is the sweetest:

And gave him the confidence to start posting covers on YouTube:

As a group, their success is so deserved and incredible, and their individual journeys of how they got here are all so inspiring, too! We can’t wait to watch as Why Don’t We’s journey continues to unfold.

Now, watch two of our earliest interviews with them!

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