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Need A Halloween Costume? Get Inspired By Your Fave Stars!


Need A Halloween Costume? Get Inspired By Your Fave Stars!

10 celeb Halloween costumes we loved last year!

It’s almost Halloween and that means we’re all starting to stress a little about what our costume will be! It seems like all year long we’re thinking of the best and most clever costumes and then the week before Halloween we have NO IDEA what we’re going to wear! 

So here are some of our fave celebs’ costumes from last year to inspire us all:

Brec Bassinger went as Cruella de Vil!

Then she got her whole squad together and they ALL delivered the epic costumes!

Carson Lueders, Dani Cohn, and their friends also had a pretty epic Halloween squad!

We also couldn’t get enough of Karan Brar, Fivel Stewart, Sophie Reynolds, and Cameron Boyce’s “Grease” costumes:

Chloe Lukasiak looked adorable in her “Clueless” outfit:

Jenna Ortega got pretty silly in the Halloween store but this costume looks easy and funny to us:

Or you could go as Dove Cameron’s “Descendants” character – Mal!

Pink and her whole fam dressed as the entire cast!

Get your football on like Jordyn Jones in this full football outfit:

Get tough like Kenzie Ziegler and friends in these knock-out costumes:

What are you going to be for Halloween?!

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