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Nev Schulman Partners Up With HeForShe For Inspiring Video


Nev Schulman Partners Up With HeForShe For Inspiring Video

1 in 10 men in America suffer from anxiety or depression

By: Emily J

Even though the fight for gender equality is stronger than ever, there is still that saying that has been plaguing our society for centuries: “Men don’t cry.” That awful saying has men believing that they need to “toughen up” and showing emotion is a sign of “weakness” or is “girly.”


Producer and TV host, Nev Schulman, is here to change that.


Collaborating with HeForShe and male vloggers, Nev created a video that produced some shocking statistics. 14 million men feel anxious or depressed daily and less than one half of them seek treatment. By suppressing their emotions, the effect can be drastic on men’s mental health. Of the suicides that happen, 79% of them are usually conducted by men.


“Personally, I’ve experienced depression myself,” Nev said in the video below, “I had no idea how much just opening up to another guy and talking about my feelings would help me.”


HeForShe is an UN Women’s Solidarity Movement, fighting not just for women’s rights, but equal rights for all. On ATTN:’s Facebook page, the top comment is “No one is free until we are all free to be ourselves.”


Watch the video down below and share it if you agree that men of all ages should be allowed to express their emotions.


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