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#NewCoupleAlert: See 10 Reasons Why We’re Shipping Jordyn & Brandon


#NewCoupleAlert: See 10 Reasons Why We’re Shipping Jordyn & Brandon

They’re officially official, y’all!

Six weeks ago, Brandon tweeted this:


That all changed on Friday, when Jordyn & Brandon officially became boyfriend & girlfriend! Here’s why we seriously ship it.

1. The way he asked her to be his girlfriend (and had her BFF, Luna Blaise help) was just the cutest:

2. In case you can’t watch it rn, everyone knows how much Jordyn loves her Starbucks pink drink (she’s obsessed) – and that’s how he asked her!

3. They have a lot in common. First, they both come from big families. Jordyn’s got two brothers and Brandon has three:

4. They both love Buffalo Wild Wings:

5. Their zodiac signs are compatible. According to, “On the surface an Aries and a Pisces may seem an unlikely pair, but when there’s love involved, they can truly fulfill one another’s needs.” Aw!

6. They’re both athletic. We all know Jordyn’s an incredible dancer, but did you know that Brandon plays soccer and does martial arts?

7. They like each other’s friends. Luna’s reaction to them becoming bf & gf was the cutest. Plus, over the summer, Brandon hung with Jordyn’s pals like Johnny Orlando & Wes Koury at VidCon:

8. They both love the puppy filter on Snapchat!

9. They both LOVE Christmas!

10. They’re each other’s iPhone backgrounds *and* they tweeted the sweetest messages about each other!

Congratulations, Jordyn & Brandon! You two are the cutest!

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