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Niall Horan Had the Sweetest Encounter with a Tiny Baby on a Plane


Niall Horan Had the Sweetest Encounter with a Tiny Baby on a Plane

Plus, see his precious message for the baby’s new parents.

Can you imagine running into Niall Horan on an airplane? Can you even *picture* how you’d react in that situation?! But then, can you imagine not even getting to properly freak out about having the singer sharing the air space with you, because you’ve got other worries on your mind? Namely, that you’re afraid that a newborn baby may erupt in tears and disrupt the flight for everyone around you?

That’s an experience that Niall shared with his Twitter followers. As he explained, when he got seated on his latest flight, he was handed a little goodie bag put together by some new parents who were trying their best to preemptively apologize if their precious days-old baby got fussy during the long flight. The parents put together a note explaining their flying situation, and filled some bag with some unspecified treats to hand out to any passengers within earshot of their child.

Niall not only posted his note to social media, but he called the dads a “class act,” for their consideration in a series of tweets, and wished them good luck in raising their daughter. 

Apparently, the baby slept for nearly all of the flight (lucky!!) and didn’t make a peep, but it’s her parents thoughtfulness and consideration for other passengers that is really standing out here!

And thanks to Niall’s platform, so many people are going to hear about this sweet story.

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