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“Of Course It Hasn’t Been An Easy Journey” – See Raini Rodriguez’s Emotional Post


“Of Course It Hasn’t Been An Easy Journey” – See Raini Rodriguez’s Emotional Post

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the most important decision she’s ever made

If you follow YSBnow on social media, you know that we absolutely love Raini Rodriguez. Yes, her performances in projects like Austin & Ally and Paul Blart are absolutely amazing, but the real-life Raini is one of our biggest inspirations. 

Yesterday marked the 12-year-anniversary that Raini, Rico and their mom moved from Texas to California to pursue their acting dreams, and Raini penned a powerful post on Instagram about the importance of following your dreams and never giving up. 

She shares:

12 years ago today, my family and I moved to LA to pursue my dreams of becoming an actress. It’s amazing to say that not only are Rico and I STILL working, but even getting into music and other behind the camera work too. Of course, it hasn’t been an easy journey, there have been no’s when I prayed it would be a yes, doors closing, with some windows opening, I’ve missed so many of my families births and birthday parties, but knowing what my goals in life are, and the support/love from my family and the blessings from God, is what makes this all possible. I have had an amazing career so far, I’ve grown in my craft, filmed some amazing roles, I’ve met so many incredible people and gained some fans along the way. Thank you 11 year old Raini, for believing in yourself enough to pursue this career, but even more so, thank you to my mom and dad for believing in me from day one. I live to make y’all proud.

The tears are real. Raini, thank you for being so consistently wonderful. Watch her talk more about her Hollywood journey in this exclusive interview below:

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