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#OnTourTuesday: JAX Spills Secrets About Life On The Road!


#OnTourTuesday: JAX Spills Secrets About Life On The Road!

The New Jersey rocker reveals her must-haves, coolest fan moments & much more!


1. My favorite city to visit is: San Antonio, TX

2. If I’ve got the night off, you’ll find me: Watching Netflix at the hotel.

3. My Top 4 tour-must haves are: Baby food in pouches. A Laptop. Doritos. & Sneakers.

4. Before I go onstage, I: Pray

5. The best thing a fan can give me during a meet & greet is: Honestly…Candy always rocks. And hugs.

6. The funniest sign I’ve ever seen in the audience said: “I love JAX from The Voice.”

7. The funniest place I’ve ever been recognized is: A little girl noticed me when I was peeing through the crack in the bathroom stall door in Detroit. “MOMMY JAX IS PEEING IN THERE”

8. The most meaningful fan moment I’ve had was when: When one of my favorite friends, Alaina, from a children’s hospital in Texas, sang one of my original songs for the hospital’s radio station.

9. One thing fans don’t know about touring is: The bunk beds are actually REALLY cozy.

Listen to JAX’s new single, “Kickin’ & Screamin'” now!

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