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#OnTourTuesday: Knox Hamilton’s Frontman Talks Life On The Road


#OnTourTuesday: Knox Hamilton’s Frontman Talks Life On The Road

Boots reveals his must-haves, coolest fan moments & much more!

1. Our favorite cities to visit are:

San Francisco, Dallas & Austin

2. One thing our fans might not know about touring is that…

As of right now, we eat fast food exclusively.  

3. If we have the night off, you’ll find us at your local:

Movie theater or Buffalo Wild Wings

4. The best sign I’ve ever seen in the audience said:

“Knox Rox My Sox Off!”

5. The three things I’ve gotta have on the road are:

FaceTime, phone charger & sunglasses

6. One embarrassing thing that’s happened on tour is:

I forget lyrics ever night and rip my pants every other night.

7. The best gift a fan can give me at a meet and greet is:

A hug!

8. Coolest fan moment?

One time a fan drove eight hours just to see us – that’s awesome to us. And at our first show after releasing “Work It Out,” a married couple told us that they got back together after separating – and “Work It Out” was a big part of the reason.

You can catch Knox Hamilton on tour Colony House through April! Click here for dates.

And check out their epic holiday cover below!

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