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Our Favorite Dolan Twins Video Roundup


Our Favorite Dolan Twins Video Roundup

Do you agree with this list?

Known for their immaculate jaw lines, adorable whining, and being crazy identical, the Dolan Twins have stolen our hearts on YouTube. Here are some of our favorite videos that you have you laughing so much you’re gonna want to break the repeat button! 

1. When Grayson got his wisdom teeth pulled out

2. The time they WALKED through a car wash!

3. When they played “Never Have I Ever” with their sister…talk about sibling bonding!

4. When they did the Extreme Laughing Challenge…. with a twist!

5. Their First Time Video – love it!

6. When they taped Ethan to a wall LOL

7. The time when their best friends tried to tell them apart.

8. Their original “Embarrass Each Other Challenge”

Whether you’re new to the fandom or have been with Ethan and Grayson since their first ever Vine, you are almost guaranteed a chuckle or two. Thanks for keeping us entertained, boys!

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