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Perrie Edwards Inspires Fans To Embrace Their Scars


Perrie Edwards Inspires Fans To Embrace Their Scars

See her brave post.

Did you know that when Perrie Edwards was just a little girl, she had to have a surgery that left her with a scar on her chest? Perrie’s oesophagus was too small and she had trouble breathing as a kid, so having the surgery saved her life, but it left her with a scar that she had trouble accepting. It can be hard to accept, let alone love, things about our bodies that are unique. Perrie struggled for a while, even while she was a huge pop star, to let her scar show without being embarrassed by it. 

But now Perrie is totally embracing her scar and she’s inspiring her fans to do it too. She posted this photo to Instagram, where you can see her scar pretty clearly. 

After Perrie posted the photo, fans began to post their own scars and credit the Little Mix star for their bravery.

Thank you Perrie for opening up and sharing what makes you different with your fans.

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