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Q&A: Makenzie Moss on Her New Movie “Let Us In”


Q&A: Makenzie Moss on Her New Movie “Let Us In”

Looking for the perfect movie to watch this weekend? We’ve got you covered! “Let Us In” is an exciting new adventure flick starring Mackenzie Ziegler, Makenzie Moss, and Siena Agudong! With an all-star cast like that, how can you go wrong?!

Makenzie Moss (Emily) did an exclusive Q&A for YSBnow readers all about the movie and working with her awesome cast. Check it out below.

YSB: Tell us about your character in this new project.

MM: Emily is a headstrong, courageous and a curious girl who sticks to her morals and values not letting others sway her in a different direction.

YSB: What was it like working with this cast and crew?

MM: I had the best time working with both the cast and crew.  Most of the cast were kids around my age so we had such fun hanging out on set, it literally felt like summer camp.  All the adults were great too… loved working with Tobin Bell, Eric Callero, Lauren Stamile, Chris Gartin and of course my mom Heidi Kramer Moss who played my mom, how amazing is that casting?

YSB: Did you have a favorite scene to film?

MM: I thought the party scene was a lot of fun to shoot.  Just being able to have all the younger cast on set together in this party atmosphere was so great.  Not to mention I got to throw water at Seneca and Mackenzie and nailed it on one take!

YSB: Did you relate to your character in the film?

MM: Very much.  There were definite things about Emily that I could relate to like her stubborness, her perserverence, her curiousity and how set she was in her beliefs.  She’s a lot braver than I am though.

Check out the trailer here: 


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