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QUIZ! Grant Landis Trivia Quiz!


QUIZ! Grant Landis Trivia Quiz!

Celebrate Grant’s birthday with a quiz!!!

We are screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our boy Grant who is 17 today! So how about we *grant* him a birthday wish on his special day?! To do so, let’s show him how much we really do care by totally nailing his trivia quiz! While we are at it let’s check out the 7 out of 17 million reasons why we all love Grant so much! 



1. He is a true gentleman!

2. He has the voice of an angel.

3. He is a mama’s boy!

4. He gives some pretty amazing advice!

5. He always has his friend’s backs…

6. He really knows how to make us LOL!

7. He is all about family<3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT!!!

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