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QUIZ! Which Iconic TV Show Pair Are You & Your BFF?


QUIZ! Which Iconic TV Show Pair Are You & Your BFF?

Miley&Lilly, Carly&Sam, Lizzie&Miranda or Raven&Chelsea!!!

AWWH, it is time for a little bit of a best friend appreciation post. As you guys know good friendships are seriously something you should truly treasure! Luckily, growing up there have been so many great friendships to look up to! Like Miley & Lilly’s friendship on “Hannah Montana, or even like Lizzie & Miranda from “Lizzie McGuire!” No matter what those girls went through, their friendships remained strong with an irreplaceable bond. Through those friendships we have learned how to be the best, best friend ever and we are truly grateful for that. 

Since you and your BFF are such the dynamic duo we thought we would see which iconic TV show pair YOU TWO are most like!!! So let’s see if you are like Miley&Lilly, Sam&Carly, Raven&Chelsea or Lizzie&Miranda by taking this quiz! 

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