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Read Veronica Dunne’s Message Of Self Love


Read Veronica Dunne’s Message Of Self Love

“No filters, no makeup, no facetune.”

Veronica Dunne is always making us laugh on Disney Channel’s K.C Undercover, giving us major lifestyle inspo on her Instagram, and making our days with her fun tweets. 

As an actress, Veronica is no stranger to glamming up for red carpets and on set. She always looks flawless, but just like everyone else, she wants her fans to know that being “perfect” on social media isn’t important. 

Veronica posted a photo of herself with some thoughts that really touched us.

“I recentIy had a conversation with a young girl who was telling me how she is unhappy because she she doesn’t think she is pretty enough and it broke my heart. I am so sick and tired of what has been going on and I have to say something.

This is a picture of me that my friend took on a hike. She captured my soul. No filters, no makeup, no facetune.

I get pimples (like every other human being). My cheeks are big and have dimples because I love pizza and I smile down to my toes. My nose has a bump on it just like my idol Barbra Streisand. My hips curve out in every tight dress I put on and they are what make me feel sexy. I have a mole next to my nose that I contemplated removing 100 times finally decided against it. I will never change any of that. It is what makes me unique, I am one of a kind. I want to cry thinking about all of the young women who think they have to look a certain way to be accepted because of an unattainable standard of beauty that the media and society is shoving in their face. You are so beautiful just the way you are. Your so called “imperfections” are what make you absolutely stunning and different and why would you want to be like anyone else! It makes me so sad watching these girls who are in the public eye getting so much plastic surgery. I want to hug them and tell them how perfect they are without any of that and to stop because the are influencing children and teenagers who now think they have to have a tiny little nose, be a size 0, and have lips 5 times the normal size to be pretty and accepted in this world. It is your gorgeous soul that I see, that is what makes you beautiful. I love you just the way you are and I will continue to love every part of you.”

Thank you, Veronica!

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