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Real Talk: A Guide To Interacting With Celebs In Person & Online


Real Talk: A Guide To Interacting With Celebs In Person & Online

How to keep everyone happy!

After hearing about some unfortunate incidents with a Harmonizer, we just wanted to share some simple rules that are easy to forget! These will help you have the best time possible when meeting the stars you love.

1. Post Everything Knowing That They Might See it

This is the most important rule. Sometimes we love an artist so much and we are constantly trying to get them to notice us and it seems like it might never happen. So then we look at our social media accounts as something that the artist in question won’t ever see, which makes us think that it’s okay to write jokes that might be taken the wrong way. See, the trap with social media is that we want to get likes and retweets so we do whatever we think people will like, even if it can be shocking or in poor taste. Have you heard the rule, dress every day like you’re going to see someone you want to impress? Well our rule is Tweet every tweet like your favorite celeb is going to read it.


2. If they seem unfriendly, it doesn’t mean they’re a rude person.

Your faves love you. They wouldn’t be where they are without you, but their schedules are busy so that they can meet most of you. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes they might be a little stressed. Never take anything personally. Take it from us, we have worked with most of your favorite stars and so so many of them have told us that when they say they love their fans, it is absolutely not just a cliche that they say because they have to. They really mean it. Fans are family.

3. Know Your Boundaries.

This one is tricky because with all of the social media and ways to find out someone’s location nowadays, it’s easy to think that fans are entitled to a celebrity’s whereabouts. We know it means a lot to fans to get selfies, and that is AWESOME. But just make sure that if you’re waiting outside of a hotel you aren’t pushing your limits. Hotels are pretty personal, that’s where the celebrity sleeps and is vulnerable, so don’t go inside the hotel and try to find their room. Remember- your faves love you but sometimes it’s scary to have someone you don’t know follow you around or approach you in hotels.

4. Be nice to the other fans.

When a celeb sees one fan be mean to another at a concert or a meet and greet, that makes you look bad. It doesn’t make the celeb think that you’re more dedicated to them because you pushed someone else out of the way. If you’re nice and generous and understanding that you’re all there for the same purpose, celebs are going to look at you as someone they can trust. I know there are a lot of you and this seems impossible, but IT’S NOT. Plus, it’s a great way to make friends with people who have the same interests as you.

5. Celebs are just people too!

They want to have conversations with you and they don’t want to freak you out. I have heard so many stories of actors and musicians meeting some of their best friends just because their BFF started out as a fan of their work. Keep this in mind- if you like someone’s work, it’s probably because you and that person have a lot in common and would get along. So next time you meet someone “famous” try to chat with them if they the time. Don’t immediately ask for a selfie and bolt- try to be nice and compliment them on something specific! You never know what could happen.



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