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#RealTalkTuesday: Alexa Curtis Talks Social Media Stress


#RealTalkTuesday: Alexa Curtis Talks Social Media Stress

“Realize that life isn’t all about pretty pictures”

“Realize that life isn’t all about pretty pictures”

In an exclusive guest post, Alexa Curtis shares her Top 5 tips for dealing with social media in a healthy way. Check it out!

I started “A Life in the Fashion Lane” (my personal blog) when I was 12 years old. Over the next few years, I appeared on major shows like TODAY and the Rachael Ray Show. To say I had no idea this was coming when I started blogging would be an understatement. I remember downloading Instagram and sharing pictures of my fun adventures. What I didn’t share was the fact that I was battling an eating disorder and struggled with making friends.

I’ve built a career off of the idea that I could inspire other kids to be fearless through my own personal stories. But for me, social media hasn’t been the easiest platform. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through my feed and before long, I start to feel sad or disappointed. So about a year ago, I began taking every Sunday off of social media including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and it changed my life.

Social media is a highlight reel, and should be seen as such by everyone. Nowadays, I don’t take my Instagram too seriously, and when I start comparing myself to other people I follow, I remember that I have no clue what is happening off of their Instagram feed. Having said all that, here are my Top 5 tips for being on social media:

  1. The mute button is your friend.  Do you follow someone who’s always posting about their lavish lifestyle, and feel like it’s make you feel less than?  Just click mute; No shame necessary.

  2. Bullying is just as common on social media as it is IRL. If you feel upset or offended by a comment you get or a DM you receive, don’t be afraid to reach out for help to a trusted friend or advisor at your school. Just because it’s “only” words on a screen doesn’t mean that you deserve to be put down – because words can often hurt more than bruises or broken bones.

  3. If you find yourself feeling sad or unmotivated after going on Instagram, it’s time you update your feed. Unfollow some people, realize that life isn’t about pretty pictures, and think about why you follow the people you do. Do you like her style? Her company? Her boyfriend? Make wise choices online and follow people or accounts that inspire you!

  4. Take one day a week off. When I began taking off on Sunday, I instantly began to feel like a new person come Monday morning. I no longer check Instagram when I first wake up (coffee and meditation first, please!) and I find myself way more productive when I’m offline.

  5. Just because other people are trying to be influencers doesn’t mean you have to be one. Once you start making a living off of something like Instagram, you begin to view social media in a different light. And sometimes that light isn’t as fun as the one where you can post whatever, whenever! Have fun with it and don’t make being an influencer your end goal.

Watch Alexa Curtis share her personal journey below!

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