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Rebecca Black Turns 20 Today!


Rebecca Black Turns 20 Today!

See what the “Friday” singer’s been up to since her debut music video went majorly viral

In 2011, Rebecca Black went from a regular 13-year-old to an overnight sensation when her song, “Friday,” became the hottest video on YouTube:


It was EVERYWHERE. Celebs tweeted about it, critics lampooned it, and Katy Perry even invited Rebecca to star in her music video for “Last Friday Night.”

During her rapid rise to viral superstardom, it seemed that no one actually noticed that Rebecca had a beautiful voice! Over the past six years, she’s gone on tour:

Released covers – like this stunning rendition of “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus:

And impressed critics with her own original music, like “The Great Divide.”

And “Foolish.”

Rebecca not only uploads her original music on YouTube, she also showcases her funny and sweet personality in her vlogs!

She’s currently in the studio working on a new EP, and we can’t wait to her it!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

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