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Riker & Vanni Reveal How They First Met!


Riker & Vanni Reveal How They First Met!

It has to do with…Jack Sparrow?!

R5’s Riker Lynch and clothing designer Savannah Latimer are one of the cutest couples we’ve ever seen. And in case you’ve ever wondered how the pair first met, you have #R5Family member Tracey Wheeler to thank! 

Tracey’s been to 14 R5 concerts over the past several years and recently took to Twitter with a curious question:

And Riker responded!

Remember this night?

A few days later, at R5’s YSBnow cover shoot, we kept noticing Riker on his phone – we’re pretty sure he was texting with Vanni!

Then, Vanni responded with a tweet that makes their whole relationship even cuter!

Aww! Rydel, you’re the best!

Whether it’s on social media, or during a meet a greet, we just love seeing R5 interact with their fans. It’s truly incredible.

And if you haven’t noticed, Vanni has incredible style – and good news: She’s just launched her fashion line! Check it out at

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