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Sabrina Carpenter Dishes Her Back-to-School Advice & Supply Essentials


Sabrina Carpenter Dishes Her Back-to-School Advice & Supply Essentials

*adds everything to cart*

Raise your hand if you think the best part of back-to-school shopping is picking up tons of new notebooks, colored pencils, and some fun accessories. Do you see us over here waggling both arms way up high in the air? The bummer feeling that comes with summer vacation ending is really only remedied by getting fresh new goodies for class. 

To celebrate this back-to-school season, Sabrina Carpenter partnered with Office Depot to share her own must-haves for class. In her shoppable favorites list are gel pens, a glittery pink binder, a portable power bank, and more essentials. But she also share three incredibly helpful tips that will inspire you to make this school year your best yet.

“First, write out your academic goals. I think in any career path and any career choice, it’s always smart to write down your goals,” Sabrina shared. “It’s always smart to put things out into the universe, and I’ve always, always done that. Ever since I was a little girl. If you see something, or dream of something that seems like it’s ever too big to be done or accomplished, write it down. It can’t ever hurt to just have it there. I like to word things in a way that is instead of saying ‘I will,’ think of it as ‘I am doing this.’ Or, ‘I can already do this.’ That changes our perspective in a lot of ways, and sometimes you start doing it without even realizing it.”

Then, the singer says we should all consider getting outside our comfort zones a bit — until new things become comfortable for us!

“Get involved,” Sabrina says. “I’ve always been one of those people growing up that other people definitely had to convince me to get involved in extracurricular things and social activities. I’m always so much happier after I face my fears, in a way. Or just stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new. You never know when you’re going to meet someone or do something that is going to change your life in the most positive way.”

Of course, having your pencil case stocked and your notebook ready goes a long way to helping you gear up for class.

“Have the proper school supplies for your classes. I think it’s always incredibly smart to be prepared for anything,” Sabrina advises. “That means having your pens, having your paper, crayons, and your markers. I was always that girl in school who drew a lot of pictures all the time. I always had to be prepared in case I had a creative moment. I was always writing down lyrics, so I always had to be prepared in case I had to write down a lyric while I was in the middle of class. Not that you should do that, you should focus on what they’re teaching you. Get all the school supplies that you need, and your teacher will probably be really impressed by you.”

Sabrina shared a cute Instagram snap where she’s doodling some lyrics in her own notebook, just like she said!

Plus, as part of her Office Depot/Office Max partnership, Sabrina shared an exclusive new behind-the-scenes look at the making of her “Almost Love” music video.

As part of her new campaign, Sabrina is also running a contest where you can enter to win a trip to meet her! Imagine going into a new school year with THAT excitement. You can get all the info on that on Office Depot’s website.

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