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Sabrina Carpenter Pays Tribute To Her First Vocal Coach


Sabrina Carpenter Pays Tribute To Her First Vocal Coach

Rita was a very special part of the artist’s musical upbringing.

Have you ever had that one special teacher who really inspires you to be your best self? They may have made your most challenging school subject way more fun, or saw a spark of talent in you that you never even noticed yourself. For Sabrina Carpenter, it was her family’s vocal coach Rita, who knew very on in her childhood that a bright musical future was her destiny.

Unfortunately, Rita recently passed away, and Sabrina was completely heartbroken by the news. To pay tribute to her teacher and longtime family friend, she shared a beautiful tribute post on her Instagram. She explained the story of how much Rita influenced her, and the legacy she leaves behind.

“This woman was my moms vocal coach as a child.. the only person my mom trusted enough that she would tell her the truth on if pursuing music would be a waste of time for me,” Sabrina shared on Instagram. “I was six years old when she told my mom that pursuing singing would not be a waste of time. she told my mom that i had talent and believed in me and taught me how to stand on a stage and smile and entertain a crowd. She brushed me up on the classics. Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, Etta James, it goes on and on.”

“I would drive over an hour to her house on Saturday mornings. I grew up with this woman and she became family. she passed away yesterday at 92 years old,” Sabrina continued. “I swear to you if you met her you’d have thought she’d live forever. She had the metabolism and energy of a child. She came to visit me at my hometown radio station on tour this summer and I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw her. But sitting in the studio today knowing that I’m doing exactly what she said I’d be doing, 12 years later, all I can do is sob and sob. I love you Rita. Thank u for believing in me. Rest easy.”

Our hearts go out to Sabrina’s family and everyone touched by the loss of Rita. But clearly she saw talent in the star early on, and for that she has already influenced all of our lives during her own lifetime.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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