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Sabrina Carpenter Shares How Embracing Your Differences Makes Relationships Stronger


Sabrina Carpenter Shares How Embracing Your Differences Makes Relationships Stronger

Her song “Why” proves you don’t have to clash with others over differences.

There’s a popular saying that goes “great minds think alike,” and another one that says “birds of a feather flock together.” The reason that one-liners like this are so common? Because sometimes, they really ring true. You may notice that your BFFs all listen to the same music that you love, enjoy the same movies, or have the same hobbies as you. You may even share those passtimes with one another.

But just because someone *doesn’t* think the way you do doesn’t mean you can’t be friends, and that’s where Sabrina Carpenter is coming in with a majorly important reminder. The singer has been opening up about her new music a lot lately, recently sharing that one of her artistic goals is to unite people of all different backgrounds through her songs. But now, following the release of her latest single “Why,” Sabrina is also speaking out about how embracing the differences you have from others around you can actually make for stronger relationships, friendships, and meaningful connections.

“We see differences as a bad thing so much of the time, and so much as something and a reason to push people away,” Sabrina told The Morning Call. “Whereas, something we don’t realize that we do — we kind of need differences to keep our relationships alive and keep them thriving.”

Just because you may have opposing preferences or beliefs than others doesn’t mean you have to be in opposition with them, and Sabrina’s music, lyrics, and words really show that!

In addition to wanting to share positive messages through her musical performances, Sabrina also explained that she wants to establish the same connections through her acting (which she TOTALLY plans to do post-“Girl Meets World,” BTW.)

“Whether I’m on stage performing or whether I’m in the studio writing, you still need that same emotion, you still need to convey that same message, as you would giving a performance, giving an acting performance,” Sabrina said, adding that she will get back into acting when she’s not committed to being on the road performing. We’ll be looking forward to all that she has coming up!

To hear more about Sabrina’s writing process and music goals, be sure to check out our throwback video interview with her below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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