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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Turns 20 Today!


Sabrina the Teenage Witch Turns 20 Today!

Happy birthday, Sabrina!

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH TURNS 20 TODAY! So to commemorate this momentous birthday, we’re honoring Sabrina with some amazing gifs that perfectly sum up why we still love this teenage spell caster, a whole two decades later.

There was the credit scene with a different whacky costume each episode.

Cauldrons even before Harry Potter made them cool!

Plus those instant costume changes.

We all wished we had aunts as cool as Hilda and Zelda (and still do!)

And you can’t forget Salem, who always had a harebrained scheme up his sleeve…

And when he didn’t was stuffing his face.

They were also weirdly casting spells on food like ALL THE TIME. Like this time…

And this time…

…this time too.

And of course there was Harvey…

Goofy, lovable Harvey!

The greatest TV love story of all time!

And of course, we will NEVER forget when Sabrina out-danced Britney.

We love you, Sabrina!

Oh also, here’s a really important pic of our Editorial Director Danielle with Sabrina at a Halloween party at some point in the nineties.

Happy birthday, Sabrina!

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