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Sarah Hyland Responds To Body Shamers On Instagram


Sarah Hyland Responds To Body Shamers On Instagram

Thank you, Sarah!

When Sarah Hyland noticed the number of bullies online commenting about her weight, she decided that enough was enough. The Modern Family star stood up for herself, and thus stood up for women everywhere facing cyber bullies, in a Twitter post. 

Sarah explained that she’s been battling a health issue and has been put on medication that makes her less in control of her body than she’s used to, but that she’s comfortable with herself and that’s all that matters. 

It wasn’t even necessary for Sarah to give these personal details of her life, but by doing so, she’s completely shut down these cyber bullies and we can’t thank her enough for being so open with her fans. 

You can read Sarah’s two-part message here: 

Thank you, Sarah! We hope you have a speedy recovery!

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