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Saying Goodbye To Austin & Ally


Saying Goodbye To Austin & Ally

YSBnow’s Natasha shares the first time she met the cast.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

When I went to the set of Austin & Ally for the final season, Raini and I were talking about that quote and how the cast felt it was the perfect way to describe how they felt about the show ending. They know that it’s tough for you guys, but think about how amazing this ride has been. It’s hard to say goodbye to your friends, even when those friends are characters on your favorite TV show. After five seasons, you’ve been through a lot with Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish and even though this is the end for the series, the show will live on forever through you guys, the fans.

I first met the cast separetly at different red carpets and junkets and it wasn’t until last year that I actually visited the set. But let me tell you, the second you step on that sound stage, you feel like part of the family. Everyone there is so excited to be doing what they’re doing and they know they’re making something special. Here’s a picture of Raini, Calum, and I in Raini’s dressing room showing off her sweet pillows.

The first cast member I met was Raini. We met at a red carpet where I did a short and super sweet interview with her, but the next time I saw her it was like seeing an old friend. That’s the thing about this cast, they love what they do so much that they’re just so psyched to do everything that has to do with the show, whether it’s filming or doing a short interview for a magazine. Raini is obviously a talented actress, but to see her grow and to talk about her about directing is so inspiring. During my time on set, she told me about why she wants to direct and how she wants to do it in the future and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that we’ll see Raini Rodriguez in the directors chair again in the future.

Calum Worthy is the funniest person I’ve ever interviewed. At the Radio Disney Music Awards last year, I forgot the rest of my questions because he was making me laugh so hard. He’s not only hilarious on the show, but he’s genuinely that funny in real life and he’s always cracking his castmates up too. When we were in Raini’s dressing room on set, he was being silly and both Raini and I could not contain our laughter.

I’ve known Ross as a rockstar since 2012, but to hear him talk about Austin & Ally is so special. Music is what drives him and he has a true passion for acting so Austin Moon is truly the perfect role for him. When I visited the set, I got to see him and Laura shooting a scene. Without exaggerating, I can tell you that the smile didn’t leave his face the entire time. He loves this show and cast. When I asked him the thing he’d miss most about A&A, he said, “working with my best friends every day.”

Laura Marano is easily one of my favorite people in the world. The first time we met was at the Disney Channel Upfronts in New York where we talked about Austin and Ally kissing, the cast, and more. It was a general interview but I remember thinking that I had to watch this girl. She’s such a star, but most importantly, she’s such a good person. I think you guys will be excited to know that most of our conversations end up circling back to one topic. The fans. Laura loves you guys so much and she loves that you love her work on the show. Ally Dawson might not be making new episodes, but I can’t wait to hear the amazing music she’ll be releasing this year.


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