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#SecretSaturdays: Dairy Queen


#SecretSaturdays: Dairy Queen

We know what’s on the DL at DQ!

We are back at it again with #SecretMenuSaturday to give you the food hookup! This time we dug up some hidden menu items from Dairy Queen! If you have a sweet tooth, then this is certainly the right place for you!

Dairy Queen Midnight Truffle Blizzard

This blizzard is a decadent treat combined with rich dark cocoa fudge, vanilla soft serve, and pieces of truffle. This chocolatey treat blizzard will leave your mouth watering!

Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate lover, but not in the mood for a hot drink? Then this is the perfect drink for you! DQ’s frozen hot chocolate will definitely satisfy your chocolate craving during those summer months!

Dairy Queen Marshmallow Crème

This delicious dessert is a simple yet sweet sundae. DQ’s Marshmallow Crème is vanilla ice cream with marshmallow on top! Yummy!

Dairy Queen Coffee Blizzard

The DQ Coffee Blizzard is the Oreo Cookie Blizzard with a twist. Order the Oreo Cookie Blizzard, but ask for coffee syrup to be added into it!

Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Blizzard

You know that delicious chocolate dipping sauce that DQ covers their cones and sundaes with?! Well this blizzard is vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of that cholate dipping sauce!

P.S. Dairy Queen’s #FreeConeDay is Tuesday, March 15th… you are welcome! 


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