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#SecretSaturdays: Dunkin Donuts


#SecretSaturdays: Dunkin Donuts

Dunk your way into deliciousness!

Happy #SecretMenuSaturday Fam! You DONUT know how happy we are to share a few secret menu items from Dunkin Donuts secret menu! We know how much you all love your Dunkin so we had to dig and dig, but we were able to dig up some secrets just for you!

Bacon Donuts

Do you like sweet and savory?! Then boy is this treat just for you! If you order a breakfast sandwich order it on a glazed donut… then ask them to add bacon pieces to that glazed donut creating a delicious kick of flavor!

Diet Coffee

If you are freaking out because summer is right around the corner, but you still love your Dunkin coffee, don’t worry! Instead of getting your usual normal medium coffee, change it up a little and order a medium lite latte! The delicious taste is still there, just without all the calories!

Different donut, different country

If you are a traveler, then you are in luck!!! Dunkin Donuts which might be referred to as “Dunkin Coffee” in other countries, has specially crafted a unique donut for each country!


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