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Alexa PenaVega Slammed Body Shamers All While On Vacay With Carlos


Alexa PenaVega Slammed Body Shamers All While On Vacay With Carlos

Keepin’ it real even while she’s vacationing!

If you haven’t been following the incredible vacation Alexa and Carlos PenaVega are on right now, you’re missing out. Or maybe you’re missing out on feeling like you’re missing out. The photographs they’ve been posting are AMAZING but the real story is how Alexa used Instagram to promote self love, health, and body acceptance. 

When she posted the above photo, she captioned it “When you want chips but can’t have them. #GlutenFreeProblems” to which people started to attack her for mentioning her “gluten free” diet. 

Comments said nasty things not only about her body, but her gluten free lifestyle. Alexa shot back with the below photo with this caption.

“Wow. I am actually shocked at how many people felt the need to criticize me for a gluten free diet. I mentioned it not thinking much of it… But apparently there is a lot to say on this. I want to keep this as real and as kind and hopefully inspiring as possible. For six years I struggled with bulimia. Something I only recently opened up about. I had so many insecurities about my body! Since overcoming that obstacle in my life (By the Grace of God) I had a lot of trouble processing all sorts of foods in my body. I had done a lot of damage and recovery from it all was a PAINFUL process. But 100% worth it. My body feels strong. I have energy. I feel like a woman!! I finally have the nutrients I had deprived my “temple” of. (Our bodies are incredible gifts from God that we have to take care of!) Now, there are certain foods that still give me some trouble… So for me… It is easier to eliminate those foods so that my body absorbs all the nutrients I can get! Whether you are choosing a “lifestyle” choice for dietary conditions or because you want to is completely and totally up to you… And guess what? It’s totally fine!!!! So don’t let bitter people discourage you from being the healthiest version of YOU that you can be. 
So… Here Is my body. It is mine and I am proud of it. I may not hold up to hollywood’s teenie tiny standards but hey… You can’t please everyone. I am me and I am healthy!!! And BEYOND happy and THANKFUL! That is all I can be.#GodisGood #LifeisGood

You go, girl! And I mean…who’s the real winner here? Someone writing nasty comments on Instagram or Alexa who is currently doing THIS with Carlos?


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