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See How You Can Fight Bullying With!


See How You Can Fight Bullying With!

The Power Rangers have a new mission: to end bullying

Have you ever dreamed of being a Power Ranger? There’s something about the story of real-life teens coming together to join forces and embrace their superpowers that has always been the coolest. Well now, has teamed up with the Power Rangers themselves to create a new anti-bullying campaign called “You’ve Got The Power.”

Did you know that bullying usually stops within ten seconds of someone intervening – but 85% of the time, no one actually steps in? A lot of times, peer-to-peer bullying happens because the rest of us just don’t know how to help.

This new campaign – which you can sign up for on the DoSomething page now – is all about helping others find their voice. By sharing how you’ve effectively stepped in to help someone out, you can help younger students navigating the awful world of in-school bullying. Or, if you’re at a loss for what to do in bullying situations yourself, you can see what others have done to shut down the haters in their tracks. Because together, we’re all stronger!

To check out DoSomething’s new Power Ranged-themed vid, press play below:


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