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See Our 7 Fave Scenes From “Victorious”


See Our 7 Fave Scenes From “Victorious”

Can you believe it’s been almost seven years since the show premiered on Nickelodeon!?

Every time we see Victoria Justice land a new acting role or Ariana Grande perform at an awards show, we remember how much we really miss Victorious. Tori, Jade, Trina, Andre, Cat, Beck, and Robbie were the ultimate #SquadGoals and had us rolling on our couches whenever they were together. We’re still super bummed Hollywood Arts isn’t a real high school and that we only got 57 episodes.

So we decided to take a walk down memory lane with the show. Since there were 7 main cast members, and it premiered almost 7 years ago, see our top 7 most memorable scenes from the series!

1. Jade imitating Cat’s voice gets us every time!

2. Remember when the crew went on the game show Brain Squeezers? Things didn’t turn out so well.

3. “The Wizzard of Wazz”

4. When Jade threatened Tori with toilet paper:

5. And totally shut this guy down:

6. When Cat re-auditioned to get back into Hollywood Arts:

7. But Tori & Jade’s relationship was probably our fave!

What are your fave scenes from the show? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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