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See The Sweet and Surprising Gift Courtney Gave Ross Today


See The Sweet and Surprising Gift Courtney Gave Ross Today

This gift isn’t just for girls!

Rourtney AKA Ross and Courtney are one of our favorite couples ever! They’re both super creative and artistic, they’re both talented actors, and they’re so sweet to each other. We always love seeing Ross driving Courtney around, or the two of them just frolicking in a field, or even when they’re all just hanging out with the Lynch fam and their friends!

Courtney posts on social media pretty frequently, but we found her post on Snapchat today pretty newsworthy because of how cute it was! 

Courtney gifted Ross a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers, which happen to be Ross’ favorite color, to remind him how proud she is of how hard he works and to make him feel special. Now those are some serious couple goals.


We love that Courtney treats Ross well and vice versa. This is a couple that we can seriously look up to and we are so happy for them. 

Do you think Courtney’s gift was sweet? Would you ever get flowers for a boyfriend? 

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